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Whenever building or repairing a structure, we try to seek different approaches to create the best possible results. For which, we have to do a lot of brainstorming, and we start designing on different techniques and approaches. Everybody makes a blue print of the build and repair procedures. In reconstructive surgery, I make a picture in black and white before approaching the reconstructive steps. It makes sense to name this process as making a blue print of my approaches.


In this blue book, we have blue prints of 50 difficult cases. This elaborates the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. It will definitely benefit all the readers and would initiate a good thought process for each reader.

The following are a some of the principals that we consider when performing surgeries

  1. Tissue for Tissue (dollar for dollar)

  2. Minimum scarring

  3. Minimum duration of treatment

The latest approaches in reconstructive surgery is tissues from dead body, tissue transplant from another person, free flaps, distant flaps, tissue expander, local flaps and tissue culture. There are multiple disadvantages of these techniques. What we have devised surpasses these techniques and provides better results, and is economical for the masses.


Dollar for Dollar

Lip for Lip, Nose for Nose

Lip Lock

Lip Lock technique

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